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When you’re angry because everyone is going on Summer holidays and not you, read The Mexican Duena

So, we’ve finally come around to this special day of the year, and no I’m not talking about Christmas, but the day where the sun is shining bright, it’s hot as hell, and you have two months to choose a holiday destination which includes, a beach, drinks, fine food and dancing. Except that you’re not going on holiday this year…either because, depending on where you’re located you still can’t get out of the country because of the pandemic, or you’ve spent all your money on your last holiday. Now, you’re dreading the day where, while checking your social media, you fall on your friends’ latest pictures of themselves surrounded by palm trees and fit people in bikinis around.

Disgusting, isn’t it? You can feel tears of rage running down your cheeks just by thinking about it. But don’t be a hater! There’s no need to be, as anyone going on holiday will confirm how a tiring and stressful time travelling and preparing luggage can be. At least there’s that to cheer you up. If it didn’t, I highly recommend you read Jasmina Nevada’s The Mexican Duena. Here’s a quick resumé below:

After having been on a Central American adventure, Evie and Chiquita decide three years after their trip to live in Puerto near the Pacific Ocean, in search of a new, relaxed, and inspiring lifestyle in the middle of a surfer’s paradise. After staying in Mexico for a while and searching around for a “casa” house, they finally find one to rent. Everything goes smoothly with the owner, and, after agreement, they move in and focus on installing themselves in their new home. Everything went too smoothly…as, suddenly, the owner wants her casa back. When the two friends refuse, their paradise becomes a living hell, where they are being harassed in order to be thrown out quickly. Harassment, threats, and psychological pressure becomes a daily routine so as for Evie and Chiquita to reach their breaking point.

This story is based on a true one. Which makes it even more anguishing! I was not able to put the book down until I was certain that the two friends would be able to get out from this mess. If you like watching or reading about haunted houses, well, you could be scared by ghosts showing up, but they don’t do so while waving legal papers at you, telling you they’re in their right and induce a whole village to harass you and throw you out. To quote a line by The Golden Girls: “Now I know how the family in Poltergeist felt”. But this is much worse than any haunted house.

This may be a very realistic story, but it is highly thrilling! So many subjects are subtly introduced, social, political, nature, land and housing...I highly recommend this novel as it throws you into a beautifully painted paradise, but with a dangerous price to pay.

About the author Jasmina Nevada:

Freelanced as film media in Hollywood and beyond. Interviewed film talent at prestigious film festivals on red carpets in Los Angeles, Dublin, London, Cannes & beyond, including events at the Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood amongst other locations. Talent interviewed including Richard Gere, James D'Arcy, Rob Lowe, Tim Roth. Trained in Hollywood as an actress, filmmaker and voiceover, with small parts in music videos, reality TV shows, & films. Known as 'the Venezuelan-English girl' courtesy of an Intro spot on the Late, Late show with Craig Ferguson in Los Angeles.

Planning a series of self-published short books on a wide range of subjects, with film potential. All books written in British English.

Current book and all future books available here and your preferred platform iBooks, Kobo, Nook, Overdrive etc.

She is now currently writing for The Olive Oil Times and freelance writing at Expatra Travel. Also a content planner for Expat Travel and High End Resorts in Latin America.

Freelance writer -The Olive Oil Times & Expatra:

Content Planner and Writer in Expat Travel for Latin America:


On Twitter:


A portfolio of her writing endeavors and content planning can be found here:

Self-published author of The Mexican Dueña:


Google Play Store:

So, after this book recommendation, are you feeling relaxed and happy where you are? If not, you’re just a hater.

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